belly dance introductory course
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belly dance intro zürich


Our introductory courses are intensive and will certainly get you moving. In approximately six hours we'll teach you the five basic oriental dance movements (isolations) and show you how to build on these new skills in the follow-up courses. We'll study the fundamentals of oriental dance: hip sways, pelvic tilts and twists, as well as sliding the pelvis and the chest sideways and back and forth. Furthermore you'll learn circles, eights and waves with the pelvis. We offset these basic moves with feminine arm movements and simple dance steps to short choreographies.  

No prior knowledge is required for the introductory course: simply bring an open mind, a love of music and loose clothing. We dance barefoot or in socks or light gym shoes and a hip scarf with tassels, coins or beads - if you have one. If not, we've plenty at ZeoT that you can use!

After you’ve completed an introductory course, you can sign up for one of the follow-up courses for the next semester. Free trials are possible in these courses (no need to register, just tell the teacher you’ve come to try out the class).

Introductory courses only take place with at least 3 participants. Please check with the school administration that the course you're interested in is taking place.

Next course : Monday 17.30-18.20 // 06.11. - 11.12. // 6x50min
Price: 135.- (126.- with discount)
Duration: 6 weeks x 50 mins.