Price, Reduction and Abo



  • Intro courses: CHF 165 (135*)

  • 8x50 mins: CHF 220 (180*)

  • 8x80 mins: CHF 260 (220*)

  • Abo for all dance classes (8 weeks): CHF 445 (395*)

*Reduced course prices for students, apprentices, schoolgirls, IV recipients and pensioners. With KulturLegi there is a 30% discount on a dance course and a Abo at the student price of CHF 395.


Payment for your course should be made in full before the first Monday of the course period. You will receive a confirmation email with course information and payment details on registration. For late payment an extra 10% will be charged.

Reduced price

If you are a student, doing an apprenticeship, at school, retired or have a disability, you qualify for the reduced price shown in brackets. Please pay the reduced amount (of the 8 week course) and send evidence of your status (Legi, etc) to

Please send us your latest Legi (even after renewal) so that you can benefit from this discount. No discounts can be granted retrospectively.

This offer is not valid for workshops and cannot be cumulated with other discounts.


SWICA's health promotion programme

ZeoT Zurich is a SWICA-recognised dance school. You can enjoy a refund of up to CHF 600 per year under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans if you exercise with a SWICA-recognised dance instructor. Read more.



Holders of the Kulturlegi are entitled to a 30% discount on introductory and regular courses. This offer is not valid for workshops and can not be combined with other discounts. With the Kulturlegi the Abo can be purchased for 395 CHF (instead of 445 CHF). When registering please pay the reduced price and send a scan or photo of your Kulturlegi to



Designed for anyone who wants to dance more than once a week, the ABO allows you the flexibility to choose your own programme and dance as many times a week as you want! Register for your 2 favourite classes and we will reserve a place for you there, giving you additionally the freedom to turn up to any other class without having to register. The ABO is only valid for 1 course period, and missed classes can not be compensated in the following course period. 

Loyalty bonus - 25% off the price of the ZeoT ABO (if you continuously have an ABO for 5 courses, you will receive a 25% discount on the 6th ABO)



When you need a break from studying, come and dance! We are delighted to offer all dancers with Legi, a discounted ABO of 395.-

Send us an email with the 2 classes you want to register in, plus a copy of your Legi membership and get dancing!


Bring a friend - get 15% discount

Dancing is fun, especially with your friends! Recommend a friend to join one of our classes and you will receive 15% discount off the cost of your next course. (This offer is only available to ‘friends’ who haven’t previously attended a course at ZeoT & for students who are currently registered in a course.)