special courses


Course duration: 8 weeks
Next course: KP4 2019 vom 24.06 - 18.08.19

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Shimmy Fit

A new way to get fit! Work on strength, stamina and shimmy technique in a non-stop action packed 50 minutes! No excuses - ‘’shut up and shimmy!’’

Open to all levels



Shimmies are the fast shaking movements in oriental dance, which fascinate everyone. In this course we get to know different shimmies with hip and chest, training the shimmy both slowly and quickly. As always: Practice makes the belly dance master!

From A1 level upwards


tribal fusion

Tribal Fusion is a fusion between ATS (American Tribal Style) and other dance styles. The possibilities for expression, music, costumes, moves are limitless! In this class we will work on precise technique, layering, strong arms and shimmies which we'll practise in combination with each other. Don't forget to bring your ‘zills’ (finger cymbals) along!

2 classes, from A1 & A/M level upwards


Ballet for adults

Ballet is for everyone, regardless of age or body shape. Ballet exercises boost strength throughout your body, from the small intrinsic muscles of your feet to the larger muscles of your back, glutes and calves and will improve your flexibility, posture and alignment. This helps general ease and grace of movement and like any exercise, it reduces stress levels. Ballet, in particular, is fantastic at working your mind and your muscle memory and is a great addition to your belly dance classes or as a stand alone class.

Ballet I: open to all levels


Oriental dance technique

How do you do that again?

Get back to the basics and polish your belly dance technique! With no choreography to learn you have more time to really get to grips with isolations, steps and layering moves which are practised in small combinations or in improvisation exercises. This class is great for all levels; for beginners needing more time to practise, for advanced dancers wanting to refine their technique and get rid of bad habits or for anyone more interested in technique than choreography.

Monday 18.30: open to all levels
Wednesday 17.30: from A/M



1 class for intermediate level M