Thank you to all our students for their continued commitment, energy and enthusiasm. We love to get feedback from you in order to keep improving and do more of what makes you happy! Here are just a handful of reactions to some of our special courses from our students in their own words....

chinese dance zurich


Chinese dance is the highlight of my work week! I have never danced Chinese dance before, nor had I really had any exposure to it, but I find the movements beautiful and fun to dance. Julie is well versed in many different kinds of Chinese dance, (and also speaks Chinese ...and just about every other language) so there is a lot to learn in Chinese dance, but fear not! Julie breaks down the movements until even a beginner can grasp them, and then gives us plenty time to enjoy our new moves. Add in long sleeves, fans, and enchanting music, Chinese dance is one of the most pleasurable dance experiences I’ve encountered, and I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl. In fact, maybe that’s why I like it so much, because it’s a return to that stage of dance innocence where we dance just for the joy of dancing! 
— Erica Diazoni


Alia’s course “Dance Fit” is the perfect course for anyone looking to combine a strong workout that will make your muscles work with the fun of dancing to creative choreographies. This course offered me the chance to stay fit, enhance my physical condition and endurance, train my muscles with great exercises while learning cool dance moves. Alia’s energy and personality will make you have a lot of fun while pushing you to find your own strength and limits with the workouts. Having been a professional swimmer, I can only recommend this course to everyone who is looking to stay fit, strong and healthy!
— Hannalore Brandt
dance fit class zurich

Stretch & flex class zurich


If you like to dance like a dancer this is the course for you. It will not only improve flexibility, but more importantly increase body awareness and alignment. Through the targeted movements and exercises, I learned to elongate the muscles that I didn’t know was shortened through the years of incorrect posture and movements. I feel the opening of parts of my body that I didn’t know was possible to be stretched. The bad habits developed in life need time and determination to correct.  Self-awareness is the first step in the long march. If you like to dance beautifully, the ability to feel your body is essential.In this class you can learn different and innovative techniques.
— Haimin