Terms and Conditions



Having paid for the full course, any classes you miss can be recuperated by going to any other class. This offer is valid for 6 months (from the date you missed the class) as long as you stay registered in ZeoT. As soon as you de-register, you will loose the right to recuperate missed classes.



ZeoT does not close during school holidays - we keep on dancing! The 8 week courses are held 6 times during the year. ZeoT is closed for 2 weeks over Christmas for regular classes and we offer workshops during the first week in January and during the summer special week in August. On public holidays our teachers will inform you which dance lessons take place and the holiday timetable will be published on our website. If you’re unable to attend a lesson on a public holiday, you can catch up this lesson before or after in another class.



Register using the form on our ZeoT homepage. You will receive confirmation of your registration by email. You will receive confirmation that the course is taking place at the latest 3 days before the course is due to start. We reserve the right to cancel the class due to insufficient registrations (you will be informed by email and if possible will be offered an alternative class).

In all courses (except introductory courses or workshops) you are automatically registered for the next course period unless you deregister at least 21 days before the end of the course period you are registered in.  Your registration is legally binding and the cost of the course will be charged to you if you don’t de-register in time.



Please de-register at the latest 21 days before the end of your course. If you fail to de-register (or deregister after this date) you will be charged with the next course and are obliged to pay, unless you find a substitute to take your place. In exceptional circumstances (illness or accident) please contact ZeoT administration.



Payment for your course should be made in full before the first Monday of the course period. You will receive a confirmation email with course information and payment details on registration. For late payment an extra 10% will be charged.



The responsibility for appropriate insurance lies with the student.



Payment is due once you have received confirmation of your place in a workshop. If you register less than 4 days before a workshop begins, please send evidence of payment to: info@zeot.ch

Cancellation of workshops is free if done at least 1 month before the start date; after this date, the full amount will be due, unless you find a replacement to take your place.

In extreme cases (illness or accident) please contact ZeoT administration. In this case, cancellation will incur a cost of 30.- to cover administration costs.

ZeoT maintains the right to cancel a workshop with not enough participants 3 days before the workshop start date.

Insurance is the responsibility of the workshop participant.