Belly dance is a new sensation for my body; it’s sport, passion, relaxation and a challenge! The variety of courses, styles and teachers plus the great atmosphere at ZeoT, make it the perfect place to learn belly dance.

— Giuliana


At ZeoT - Zentrum für orientalische Tanzkunst, we aim to inspire and encourage you to learn belly dancing in fun and rewarding classes. We believe that by learning to dance, you will find you begin to move through life differently. Bellydance can transform you - creating a physically strong, feminine body and giving you a new way to express yourself and let go! Age and body shape create no barriers to learning to dance; we see diversity as an enrichment and encourage you to find the best way to dance for you! We promise to support and guide you to achieve your personal dance goals in an unintimidating atmosphere that’s welcoming to all women - especially beginners! We love what we do and we believe in you, because everyday we see the power of bellydance to bring out the best in you!