A1 BEGINNER: After you’ve completed one of our introductory courses (or if you’ve already learnt the basics elsewhere), this is the course for you! We'll work on the basic isolations, adding them to step combinations and integrating arm and hand movements as you really begin to dance! You'll have plenty of opportunity to practise the moves in one of our choreographies or even try your hand at improvisation.

Dive deep into the world of oriental dance and music as each course period we present you with a different style or theme. Recognising and learning oriental rhythms will help you to stay in time with the music and adds another dimension to your dance experience.

A2 BEGINNER: Once you're comfortable with the basic isolations and can do figure 8s with your hips (vertically and horizontally), belly undulations and some travelling steps, such as step drop or chassé, then you’re ready for a new challenge! Normally it takes around 6 months to reach this level. You'll start to speed up your isolations, learning to shimmy with your hips, your knees or shoulders. You'll use more of the space with travelling steps or combinations in different directions and veil work will be introduced.

By now you can also recognise different styles of oriental music and can start to add expression to your dance. Experimenting with the expression of different emotions connected to the music can be a great way to relax and is lots of fun to do!

Bginners can also benefit from our oriental dance technique class on Mondays at 18.30 (open level) where you'll focus more on technique and combinations without choreography.


A/M LIGHT INTERMEDIATE: (one to two years dance experience) Practising isolating your pelvis or upper body, combining them with steps, arm work or layering them with slow shimmies will keep you on your toes in this level! Learn to walk all over again, this time with ¾ shimmies, or the folkloric styles of ghawazee or hagallah or enjoy the dreamy art of veil dance. By now you'll be able to recognize many oriental rhythms and be able to keep in time with the music. Performing the choreography learnt in class in a group formation can add a new challenge and can help you focus on improving your technique, as you all try to stay synchronised with each other!

You can also benefit from our oriental dance technique class on Wednesdays at 17.30 (light intermediate level) where you'll focus more on technique and combinations without choreography.

M INTERMEDIATE: (two years or more dance experience) In this intermediate level class, the movements you'll learn become more 3 dimensional and can be combined with steps in many different directions and speeds. In addition to veil work, you can try your hand at dancing with other oriental accessories such as the cane, cymbals or even double veil! Alongside learning a choreography, more emphasis is placed on improvisation in dance. After practising regularly, with the help of your teacher to guide and correct you, you'll be surprised at how far you’ve come since you took your first steps in belly dance! Maybe you're ready to show your friends and family what you’ve been learning in class at one of our studio Haflas or our yearly show in a theatre in Zürich. Ask your classmates if they want to dance the choreography together that you’ve learnt in class.

M/F ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE: (three years or more dance experience) Wow! Look how far you’ve come! In this class we continue to work on isolations that are combined to ever more challenging combinations as you can easily identify many oriental dance styles, rhythms and forms of music. Choreographies or improvisation are danced with flowing transitions, a good awareness of space, musicality and expression. The choreography will be the same as in level M, but in this class more attention will be placed on refining the details of your dance art. Maybe beginning to perform will give you the impetus you need to push your dance to the next level!


There’s no stopping you now! After dancing regularly for around 4 years, you're probably ready to join an advanced class where your technique, expression and improvisation skills will be refined. If you’ve also been going to workshops during your training in oriental dance, you'll have seen how each dancer has her own unique style and way of dancing. Think about what type of music and dance form you enjoy most in belly dance and start to create your very own style.


Get back to the basics and polish your belly dance technique! With no choreography to learn you have more time to really get to grips with isolations, steps and layering moves which are practised in small combinations or in improvisation exercises. This class is great for all levels; for beginners needing more time to practise, for advanced dancers wanting to refine their technique and get rid of bad habits or for anyone more interested in technique than choreography.


Shimmies are the fast shaking movements in oriental dance, which fascinate everyone. In this course we get to know different shimmies with hip and chest, training the shimmy both slowly and quickly. As always: Practice makes the belly dance master!


TRIBAL FUSION FROM A1: You already have experience in oriental dance and would like to get a taste of Tribal Fusion? Then this course is for you. We practice isolations, shimmies and typical arm patterns and get to know the basis of Tribal Fusion, the American Tribal Style.

Tribal Fusion is a mixture of ATS (American Tribal Style) with other dance styles. The possibilities of expression - movement repertoire, music, accessories, costume - are almost unlimited.

TRIBAL FUSION FROM A/M: We train precise technique, overlays, powerful arms and sustained shimmies and use them in combinations. We will also work on our cymbal skills - if you have your own cymbals, please bring them with you!


Chinese dance is especially known for its diversity. The dances range from the proud dances of the steppe peoples to the dreamy dances of southern China to the graceful and popular court dances of past dynasties. If you are looking for variety and something new, like to laugh, like to move or are interested in Asia, then this course is just the thing for you!

In this class different dance styles from China are taught. The subject changes every course period: A small choreography and the corresponding dance technique are taught. Examples from the content are: Fan dances, antique Chinese dance and dances with water sleeves, umbrella dances, dances of the Thai minority in China (peacock dance), Central Asian dances (Uygurian, Mongolian), Tibetan dance.


Ballet is for everyone, regardless of age or body shape. Ballet exercises boost strength throughout your body, from the small intrinsic muscles of your feet to the larger muscles of your back, glutes and calves and will improve your flexibility, posture and alignment. This helps general ease and grace of movement and like any exercise, it reduces stress levels. Ballet, in particular, is fantastic at working your mind and your muscle memory and is a great addition to your belly dance classes or as a stand alone class.


Barre au Sol (often called floor barre ) derives its name from the warm up technique in classical ballet, "barre".

This technique uses exercises which are modified to be done sitting or lying on the floor and are non weight bearing. This non weight bearing approach removes stress from the skeletal structure and the joints. Dancers often use this technique to improve their posture, strengthen their core muscles and enhance their precision, helping them make corrections to their posture that remain in their muscle memory for when they are standing-up. Whether you've always wanted to take a ballet class and thought it impossible, are afraid to go back to doing sports after an injury or are simply looking for a good healthy work out this class is for you. Taught by an experienced graduate of the National Ballet of Canada's Teacher Training Programme this class offers a way to correct posture and work-out while having fun and feeling good about oneself.


A new way to get fit! Work on strength, stamina and shimmy technique in a non-stop action packed 50 minutes! No excuses - ‘’shut up and shimmy!’’


Get ready to hit the dance floor! Dancing is a whole-body workout that's lots of fun. It's good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it'll help with balance and coordination. This Dance-Fit Workout features the science of interval training combined with dance choreography and strength training. The class is designed to give you the chance to get a full body aerobic workout and interval training plus perform strength and flexibility exercises.....and dance!!! A 30-minute dance class burns between 130 and 250 calories, about the same as jogging....and we'll be doing 50 minutes! Imagine that! We'll lead you through a series of choreographed steps. The focus might be on the footwork, or leaps, turns, shimmies, and assured, whatever the focus it will engage the entire never know what we'll be doing....just be sure you'll get a really great workout!

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