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Samba was inspired principally from an African rhythm called Semba and was formed from different references from several tribal African rhythms.

1st part: Base of the workshop and from the origins. We will start with SAMBA DE RODA. Samba de Roda,  born in the bahian Reconcavo north region at Brasil, means a mixture of music, religion, dance, poetryand party. It is very present and visible in all the state of Bahia. 

2nd part: samba in modern times. Without losing the samba de roda swing we will start learning the basic steps from the authentic samba from Río de Janeiro. When we talk about modernity we refer to the malandro samba. It is a very elegant style and has a very typical Brazilian way of movement with a lot of leg crossing, turns, shifts and fun moments with a lot of swing. 

Niveau: open // Preis: CHF 105 // Sprache: Englisch

Payment in full is required on registration to secure your place. Places are limited to 18 in each workshop. 


For 3 or more workshops with ANASMA & ARNALDO IASORLI, please register for 1 workshop & write in the comment field of the registration form which package you want & specify the workshops you want to attend.

Any 3 WS: 15% discount

5 or more WS:  25% discount


Arnaldo has a degree in Dance and physical education from the university of UFBA at Brasil in 1999. HD in Scenic Arts from the university URJC at Spain in 2005.  

Within his own professional experience we must emphasize his work as a choreographer, dancer and teacher in several companies in Brasil and Europe. Currently he is travelling with his own company RAZA DANCE EXPERIENCE. Arnaldo Iasorli is a multidisciplinary dancer and artist formed by the many different experiences and wide knowledge that he has been able to incorporate into the transmission of his dance and his movement with the mood of every place. It's in his work where you can find the influence of Brasilien folklore, the American accent and the Irish on his feet, the fluid cadence and technique of the modern and contemporary dance, the African impulse and the circular essence of the oriental movement.

  • 2007- 2013 He works as a teacher under Carmen Roche and Victor Ullate Roche´s guidance at Conservatory of dance SCAENA. 
  • Tap Dance dancer invited by the Spanish National orchestra and choir in the National Auditorium of Madrid. 
  • Arnaldo travels throughout Spain and Europe teaching Jazz, Tap Dance and Afro contemporary dances. 
  • He also has experience as a floor pilates instructor, exercise machines instructor (private and group lessons) . He implements the Horton´s Dance Technique theory in his dancing lessons, especially in Afro contemporary. 
  • Starting as a child in 1983, Arnold was influenced in the art of music and dance lessons by his parents who were directors of the prestigious Artistic Nucleum of Acting and Dance in Sao Paulo, Brazil.