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Realize the power of using your whole leg, improving your foundation, and the basics to improve athletics and prevent injuries in this Barefoot Fitness Workshop

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Georgette Dutoit - Master Barefooter, Foot Fitness Trainer, Barefoot Hiking Coach, Marathon Rower, Rowing Trainer, Founder of PediPower

Certified in: Barefoot Therapy, Foot Reflexology, SAFS GF, the willPower Method GF, Swiss Rowing Instructor

Following her intuitive Apache roots by remaining barefoot after childhood, Georgette comes with a lifetime of global barefooting experience, from navigating rugged ocean shores, to desert expanses, and mountain terrains safely and sensibly.



Learn the basics of foot functions & foot-to-core connections, exercises for foot & toe muscles, challenges for improved balance & coordination, barefoot foot parkour, PediPower GF Masterclass and find the power of your feet in this Barefoot Fitness Workshop.

When bare, feet can move as intended, receiving important information from contact with the ground. Muscles, nerves, sensations and reflexes atrophied by shoes are reawakened, activating body alignment, balance systems, strength, and reflexology points.

Through conscientious exercising of the feet, this foot foundation class conveys how to harness foot strength throughout the body. Benefits include: improved proprioception, posture, fitness power, and physical health, as well as decreasing common pains and injuries in feet, knees and hips.

Experience barefoot exercises, a barefoot parkour, and the basics of foot-to-core dynamic barefoot movements with this workshop held by PediPower creator Georgette Dutoit, Barefoot Therapist & Foot Fitness Trainer.

Niveau: Offen // Preis: CHF 80 // Sprache: Englisch

Find out more about Georgette on Instagram, @pedipower