ALIA (London, UK) has performed as solo dancer across Europe and was honoured in 2010 with the title ‘Belly dance Queen of Switzerland’. She has also performed for many years in dance companies, including the Egyptian Khaled Seif Gruppe and with the Oriental Divas. As a choreographer, ALIA has initiated many theatre productions including ZAMBRA (2009) with Maria Murillo (Barcelona), CAIRO CABARET (2010) or the Bal de la 1002 Nuit (2012). Her elegant style reflects her drive to combine modern egyptian style with elements from other dance styles.

She has been teaching oriental dance since 2004 (in CH and in Spain) and as long standing teacher at ZeoT, took over the dance studio from Miriam Missura in 2015. Her goal is to bring even more life, art and soul into ZeoT  with performance projects, further education for hobby and professional dancers, photographic exhibitions, haflas and  student participation in ZeoT shows.

She is known for her musicality and creativity and her former background in the art world, can be seen in the form of many of the dance productions she has been involved in. Her musicality is evidenced in the precision of her drum solos or her interpretation of baladi improvisation and her creativity in the use of contemporary principles in creating group pieces, as in Beauty for Ashes (2014). Through year long projects, notably the successful Raqs Sharqi Project (Zürich & Bern) she has led dance students to create their own classical choreographies and is often commissioned by other dancers to choreograph for them.

‘’Alia hat die begabung mit viel feingespühr ihre stunden zu gestalten..keine gleicht der vorangehenden.. jede einzelne ist ein erlebnis..sie lehrt orientalischen tanz auf hohem niveau und mit dem präzisem auge fürs detail.. aber auf eine so spielerische art, dass es einfach spass macht ihren anweisungen zu folgen.. dabei wird man mit einem neuen körperbewusstsein belohnt.. und wird leicht getragen.. von musik die wärmt’’.....

Claudia, Tanz-Schülerin


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