Improvisation means creating movement in the moment, without creating a choreography first…but how do you begin? Improvisation is fun, unpredictable and one of the most creative elements of dance….and perhaps one of the most challenging! Improvisation is at the heart and soul of oriental dance! Baladi music is great for improvising because it has a structure that you can learn and many different tempos and accents to play with!

Alia shows you how....

Here are 10 tips to get you started!

1.  Less is more!

Don’t try to use every move you know, pick 1 or 2 moves and play with them, changing direction or tempo.

2.  Stay with the move!

You might think its boring to keep doing the same thing but it looks very hectic when you continuously jump from one move to another! Push through any uncomfortable feelings and stay longer doing the same movement.

3.  Play with a choreographed combination.

Having a structure you can focus on and play with takes off a lot of pressure when improvising!

4.  Mark a pattern on the floor.

Focus on moving in circles, or figure 8s on the floor with whatever moves come to mind.

5.  Respond to the music.

Concentrate on rhythm or melody, or alternate between the two.

6.  Be in the moment.

Don’t try to plan ahead too much…go with the flow!

7.  Don’t judge yourself!

Focus only on the task and move without worrying how original or creative your improvisation is.

8.  Be yourself!

Finding authentic movements that come from within you is the goal of improvising rather than just repeating steps and combinations you have learnt in class

9.  Copy new moves!

Forcing yourself to improvise with new movements will help you break out of being stuck in your own movement patterns

10.Relax and have fun!

Need I say more...?!

Want to have a go at improvising yourself? Join ALIA and students every Wednesday at 17.30 in the Improvisation & Technique class!