Dum tak-tak, dum tak-tak, dum tak-tak, tak-tak-tak!
Did you know there are reputed to be over 100 arabic rhythms? How many rhythms do you know? Learning arabic rhythms can really help to improve your dancing! Not only will you be able to hear and follow the beat, helping you to keep in time, you will also start to recognise what style of dance fits to the music and find improvising so much easier!

Join us this summer in KP4 for our rhythm special! Learn combinations and technique to 3 different arabic rhythms per level or benefit from our special summer Abo promotion* (more info below). With no choreo to learn in KP4 its even easier to catch up any classes missed whilst sunning yourself at the beach!

With our show this coming weekend (Sunday 22 May), a new photo exhibition with Michael Baxter and an exciting summer week of workshops with world class guest dancers, ZeoT Zürich has a lot to celebrate.

ALIA & the ZeoT team are looking forward to dancing with you in KP4

KP4: 27.6 - 21.8

SUMMER SPECIAL : 22.8. - 28.8.2016 (no regular classes during the week)


Don’t miss the highlight of the ZeoT calendar!

Students and teachers alike will be performing in the beautiful theatre Aula Rämibühl on May 22nd at 18.00. Experience the many faces of oriental dance, from tribal fusion to chinese dance, modern oriental, pop and more! With oriental food from Aubergine Catering and belly dance costumes and accesories from Sarhan's Orient shop (from 17.00 and during the break).

Date: 22.5.16
Box office: 17.00
Doors open: 17.30

Tickets: Category 1: 30.- // Category 2: 25.- // Category 3: 20.- Children under 12 are free, 12-18 years old : 10.-

Tickets can be purchased by email until May 17th. After this date tickets will only be available at the box office.

Tickets: info@zeot.ch


Our newest exhibition (August 2016) will feature one of belly dances favourite photographers -  Michael Baxter! Read our exclusive interview with him for tips on how to get the most out of a dance photo shoot. We are also delighted to be able to feature some insights into the work of Sabua , who exhibited at ZeoT Zürich in March 2015.

Interview with Michael Baxter and Sabua


Dance more for less this summer! For all new Abo holders we are offering a discount in KP4. Dance in as many classes as you want to in Kp4 for only 350CHF! Sign up for the Abo in KP4 and receive a voucher worth 30CHF redeemable in any workshops in 2016 advertised on the ZeoT website.
*Discounted rate only for students new to the Abo in KP4. For all longterm Abo holders, we offer a 25% discount on your 6th consecutive Abo (320 CHF). 


From 22 August - 28 August, we will be celebrating summer with an action packed week of dance! From Rumba or Tango fusion with Ozgen, to wave exploration, stage presence and afro contemporary with Anasma and Arnaldo Iasorli, there is something for everyone! Invite your friends to join our intensive introductory classes during this week and don't miss our Hafla on Saturday 27th August with performances from Ozgen, Anasma and Arnaldo Iasorli amongst others!

Discounted packages for 3 or 5 or more workshops available. Info here.


In addition to our popular ballet class with Lorena Galeano on Mondays, Nina Goring, a graduate of The National Ballet School of Canada will be giving a class in English on Thursdays at 20.30. This class is for absolute beginners so if you always wanted to learn ballet or want to pick up where you left off as a child, this class is for you!


Price: 180.- (150.- with discount)
Duration: 6 weeks
Next course: starts 26.5 - 7.7. ( no class 30.6)
Level: beginner

Thursdays at 20.30 with Nina Goring (Canada) // Class in English