I just love dancing! And I’m very happy that as of this year my (work) life fully revolves around dancing: being a teacher, a dancer and Miss Moneypenny managing the ZeoT administration.

Favourite music: I admit it! I’m a total series-junkie and often use music from tv series and movies for stretching (currently Game of Thrones for those who were wondering) and improvisation exercises. I’ve recently seen the movie High Strung and love the fusion of classical music and ballet with Hip Hop.

Dance tip: I’m very detail-oriented but at the same time also focused on dancing to the music and not just adding one step after the other. In order to do that you have to leave the comfort of the mirror. I often let my students dance into another room direction (facing away from the mirror). This helps listening more to the music and it’s a good exercise for the brain. To add to that I ask students to pick a different spot in the room for each lesson.

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