One of our favourite props to dance with is the veil, the theme of our next course period (KP2) starting March 6th 2017. Veils can be used to frame movements or become an extension of the dancer’s body. Dynamic, dramatic or dreamy, the movement fills the space around the dancer in colour and shape, as the veil adds a new dimension to the performance. For ideas on how to get more creative with a veil check out our blog series "A fresh look at veil technique". Dancing with a veil can also help build strength in the upper body, arms and shoulders and in our latest newsletter we offer you a few tips on increasing range of movement in the upper body as well as advice on how to care for your veil. 

Students and teachers are busy rehearsing for our annual show at the end of April. If you haven’t already booked your ticket, do so now (details below) or sign up for Ozgen’s Romani street scene performance project and step out in the limelight yourself!

ALIA & the ZeoT team look forward to dancing with you in KP2!

KP2: 06.03.-30.04.2017


Different materials are used for dance veils that effect the movement and look of the veil but our favourite is silk for the way it floats and fills the space. Although we have veils you can use at ZeoT, we highly recommend you to have your own veil and preferably a silk one. If you’re concerned about how to care for your veil and keep it clean and in good condition, check out these great tips from Princess Farhana. 


If you never know what to do with your arms when dancing, then dancing with a veil can really help you with the positioning of your arms in order to get used to a more extended position. Think of the veil as an extension of your own arms while dancing to make it flow gracefully. Allow your arms to make bigger movements than usual and do not keep them too close to your body, in order to give the veil more room for movement. Here are some exercises to help you increase your range of movement in the shoulders, arms and upper body.

Arm circles - Lift both arms straight out to your sides, holding them parallel to the ground. Make small backward circles, rotating through the shoulder joint, gradually increasing the circumference of the circle until your arms are rotating in giant circles that reach above the head and down to the thighs. Complete 30 seconds of easy backward circles and then reverse directions and perform 30 seconds going forward in ever increasing sizes of cicles.

Arm swings - Stand with feet hips' distance apart and gently wrap your arms around your body as though to give yourself a big hug. Gently release and open the arms back as though to embrace someone else in a hug. As you continue with this opening and closing arm stretch, try to go a little deeper with each movement. Complete 30-45 seconds of self-hugs and other-hugs until you feel a lengthening and warming sensation through the back and chest muscles.

Shoulder retraction to press ups - Stand with feet hips' distance apart and hold a light stick with both hands with a wide grip behind your upper back. Bring the stick down your back as low as possible by retracting your shoulder blades. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull them down as far as possible. Then slowly push the stick up overhead until your arms are fully extended.  Make sure you keep the bar slightly behind your head upon extension and your abdominal muscles contracted.  Slowly bring the stick back down and repeat 6-8 reps.


Are you looking for a costume or dance clothes? Maybe you’d like to own your own veil or hip scarf. Look no further - come to our oriental dance bazaar at ZeoT where you'll find everything from new and second hand costumes, dance clothes and accessories. 

ZeoT Zurich // 19.03.2017 //  14.00 - 16.00


Sunday 30th April 2017, 18.00
GZ Heuried, Döltschiweg 130, 8055 Zürich

Box office & door open: 17.00
Ticket: In advance CHF 30 / At the box office CHF 35
Children free (up to 11 years old), 12-17 years CHF 10
Seats are not numbered
Students and teachers from ZeoT Zürich will be performing for you!
Delicious refreshments from Aubergine Catering from 17.00 and also in the interval.

Reserve your ticket online or by email: info@zeot.ch

There are no printed tickets. Once you have paid your name will be added to the list - please give your name at the box office.


From Romantic Ottoman music, Turkish Waltz or lyrical floor work, Ozgen has something to suit all tastes. Why not join him to learn a fantastic flamenco skirt and fan dance or dive in deeper and spend 3 Sundays rehearsing a Romani street scene to be performed in the ZeoT show on April 30th 2017. 


To be a well-rounded dancer we can benefit from training in a variety of ways. Complementing your oriental classes with ballet or barre au sol for instance can improve overall strength and stamina and help overcome specific weaknesses. Dance Fit or Shimmy Fit can give you that well needed burst of cardio exercise whilst Allgemeines Tanztraining can help you improve everything from balance, to posture and turns….and to get off to a good start in the morning we suggest Simone’s new Stretch & Shimmy class every Thursday at 08.00!

Shimmy Fit - SIMONE: Mondays // starts 06.03.17 // 17.30 - 18.20
Dance Fit - ALIA: Tuesdays // starts 07.03.17 // 12.30 - 13.20
Ballet - LORENA: Tuesdays // starts 07.03.17 // 17.30 - 18.50
Barre au sol - NINA: Wednesdays // starts 08.03.17 // 18.00 - 18.50
Stretch & Shimmy - SIMONE: Thursdays // starts 09.03.17 // 08.00 - 08.50
Ballet - LORENA: Thursdays // starts 09.03.17 // 12.00 - 12.50
Allgemeines Tanztraining - LORENA: Thursdays // starts 09.03.17 // 17.30 - 18.50


If you are looking for inspiration on how to wear your new ZeoT Zurich hip scarf, check out our latest blog on different ways to wear or combine hip scarves…you can even wear them outside of the classroom and not just on your hips!